Matthews C-Stand Kit


If you had to get one stand, this is it.

The Matthews Century Stand is industry standard, and built to last. This is a staple at Kingsize, and now you can have your very own.. and as a KIT!

Our Matthews 40" C-Stand KIT with Sliding Leg, includes Grip Head and Arm, and non-spring loaded base. It has a unique staggered leg design which allows it to be nested and placed extremely close to one another on a set, and the sliding leg allows or uneven terrain or locations.

Matthews invented the C-Stand. What makes these the industry standard is the incredibly strong construction, and the subtle engineering. These stands last and last.

The C-Stand KIT can be picked up from Kingsize Studios, or we can ship to you (small shipping cost applies). For more  info, please feel free to call us or drop in to check one out!

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