• 2x Personal Development Vouchers
  1/2 Day (Valid 12 months) 

  vouchers can be used for any test, 
  portfolio, fine art or personal development shoots.   
  Strictly not for commercial shoots. 
  Any studio, any gear, see details here:

  (Value $400)

• Members Only Pricing: Studio Sessions

  Access exclusive pricing for studio spaces for personal  
  development, non-commercial work. Details here: 

  This is one of the best parts of the Membership !

• 1x Kingsize Technical Consultation per year 

1hr session with one of our team or specialist educators.
Do you have a particular studio lighting challenge you need to solve? Is there some gear you need to learn that will be a solution for your work? Just bought a new camera and need to understand how it works?


  - Introduction to flash lighting
  - Specific product photography solutions 
  - Assistant Basics 
  - DSLR 101 
  - Video gear explained

  (Value $100)


• 10% Discount on Studio + Equipment Bookings

  This is a Members Only discount. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

• Analogue Camera Hire. 

  We have a large inventory of analogue cameras, including 35mm, 
  Medium, and Large Format, available only to Club members 
  to hire, FREE.

• Technical Tests / Demo.

  We will invite you to test new equipment in the Studios, 
  FREE, discounted, or with exclusive arrangements. 
  When we purchase the latest inventory item, we love some fast 
  feedback, so you can become our Beta Testers ! 

  Also when we receive demo items from our suppliers, we need 
  to assess if the items are useful, so we need your feedback. 
  Similarly, manufacturers need knowledgable, and enthusiastic 
  photographers and film makers to give feed back on equipment 
  they are designing or bringing to market. 

• Free Coffee + Wi-Fi

  Kingsize has a lovely Espresso Machine, and the coffee is always    
  on us. You are always welcome to drop in, and make yourself a
  cup, or one of the team will happily make it for you. 
  Come and have a chat, look at some gear, or bring your laptop in 
  and find a quiet corner to do some work using the free Wi-Fi. 

  If you need a place for a quick meeting, and a coffee, 
  no problem. There is usually somewhere in the garden, 
  or in an empty studio where you can find a seat. 

    *Terms & Conditions Apply

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