About Us

Founded in 1998, by photographer, Adam Custins, Kingsize Studios celebrates it's fifteen year anniversary by launching one of our most exciting new programs. For 2013, we are launching our formal education program, offering a selection of beginner, through to expert level workshops.

Kingsize Studios is New Zealand's largest stills-video gear hire, and rental studio facility. We also retail many of the best brands in the industry, from motion picture camera accessories, to lighting and grip.

Built around Kingsize, has always been a philosophy of teaching: offering workshops, intern programs, speaking and consulting. For many years, we have wanted to offer a formal teaching program. This year, marks the start.

When you attend a Kingsize workshop, you will be learning in a real-world, working rental studio, used by the fashion, advertising and commercial industries every day. You will be taught by working professionals in the industry. The equipment you will use, much of it, is industry standard around the world.

Kingsize partners with manufacturers, distributors, educators, and other community and industry leaders, all who wish to contribute to the education you receive at these workshops.

The focus for all the workshops is practicality: how can we teach you how to be more effective with your tools and skills, so as to make a better image, and potentially, how to earn. We are teaching from fifteen years of service to the film and photographic industry in New Zealand.


We look forward to welcoming you through these doors.


The Kingsize Team

ps: please request any workshops you would like us to add.

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